a) Each subordinate Board shall select one (1) of its members for the Nominating Committee. The Executive Council shall appoint two (2) additional members provided that no member of the Executive Council shall be named to this Committee, and shall designate one (1) of the members as Chair.

b) During the month of July, a Nominating Committee shall be appointed. This Committee shall comprise one (1) member appointed by each Subordinate Board and Committee and two (2) persons appointed by the Executive Council from the General Assembly.

c) It shall be the duty of the Committee to make nominations for all elected positions within the General Assembly Organisation. Two (2) names when possible, shall be presented for each position to be filled.

d) The Nominating Committee shall, in November each year, submit to the Executive Council, the names of the persons nominated as suitable for election to any office. Further nominations may be made from the floor during the Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly.


This Committee shall consist of the following members: -

a) A Chairperson.

b) The Zone Treasurers

c) The two Co-Treasurers

d) Four (4) persons elected by the General Assembly from among the membership of the Church of God who are in good and regular standing.

The main responsibilities of this Committee shall be: -

a) To maintain functional working relations with the Co-Treasurers

b) To develop all policies, relative to the finances of the national church and ensure their evaluation, implementation and review.

c) To review all financial statements, budgets and related reports prepared by the Co-Treasurers before submission to the Executive Council.

d) To promote good financial stewardship among congregations.

e) To allocate national funds to the various Boards, Committees, Associations, Units and agencies for the specific purposes approved by the General Assembly

f) To maintain an appropriate Pension Scheme for Ministers and all other Salaried Personnel.




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