Why do we exist?

The Church of God reformation movement exists to:


The Church of God exists to ...

  • Focus on New Testament meanings of corporate and private worship
  • Provide opportunities for persons to worship in varying styles
  • Continue to strive toward renewal in our understanding and practice of worship
  • Prepare clergy and laity of all ages to lead the local church in worship

"Worship is something that we give to God, and so it has to be the very best that we have."


The Church of God exists to ...

  • Practice global evangelism with the goal of winning the world to Jesus Christ
  • Seek the lost by equipping laity for personal evangelism and creating outreach ministries
  • Communicate the Gospel throughout the world through - - -Broadcasting via radio and other media
    -Commissioning missionaries at home and abroad
    -Planting new churches
    -Revitalizing evangelism training and materials

"The opportunity to reach millions of souls who have never heard the gospel of Jesus is a tremendous responsibility, challenge and blessing."


The Church of God exists to ...

  • Preach, teach, and practice biblical holiness
  • Provide continuing discipleship opportunities for believers of all ages
  • Develop small groups and small group leaders with a focus on discipleship
  • Provide discipleship materials to guide believers into Christian maturity
  • Prepare young people for a life of faith and service through Church of God colleges
  • Provide periodicals, curriculum, and other materials that challenge believers to Christian growth and biblical holiness
  • Equip clergy and laity to develop discipling programs in the local church
  • Sponsor conferences and workshops that provide spiritual enrichment and in-depth Bible study

"Discipleship is the fulfilment of the great commission -- making disciples."


The Church of God exists to ...

Focus on six aspects of leadership development:
1. Biblical and theological foundations
2. Ethical and relational awareness
3. Leadership and organizational principles
4. Enabling and equipping others for ministry
5. Providing opportunities for practical experience
6. Support seminary education as an effective means in preparation for ministry

  • Provide scholarships for persons preparing for the pastoral ministry and entering continuing education programs
  • Provide training programs and materials to equip laity for ministry
  • Strive to empower people of all ages for works of
    service by:
    -developing seminars, symposiums, and training materials
    -providing workshops to help believers discover their spiritual giftedness
    -publishing books that offer doctrine, theology, Christian training, and inspiration

"We have to get to the point where we are constantly looking for those who can come and continue or create ministry."


The Church of God exists to ...

  • Preach, teach, and practice the oneness of the Body of Christ
  • Celebrate the unity and diversity of the Body of Christ
  • Embrace ethnic diversity and unity in practical and visible forms
  • Seek out dialogue and partnerships among congregations, agencies, para-church organizations, and other church bodies to multiply the work and effectiveness of the Church

"We have one Saviour and He has one church and He has given us one commission."


The Church of God exists to ...

  • Demonstrate the tangible love of Christ in our communities
  • Nurture, heal, and strengthen families
  • Provide for and enable those who need shelter, food, medicine
  • Care for the "least of these" (children, the poor, the imprisoned, the physically and mentally ill, the oppressed, etc.)
  • Proclaim and practice prayer for divine healing
  • Seek justice in local, national, and international communities
  • Seek to discover and minister to current needs in our churches and communities

"We believe that Christ’s love compels us to be active in our community and to spread that love to those we meet."

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