Doctrinal Distinctives

Common Values/Core Beliefs

The Church of God movement holds the firm conviction that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God. In this context we accept all that is central and enduring in the faith of historic, orthodox Christianity as these essentials often have been stated in widely accepted faith affirmations.

In declaring our present understandings of Christian faith, experience, discipline, and fellowship, we gratefully acknowledge our particular indebtedness to the Protestant Reformation, to the Anabaptist free-church tradition, to the Puritan-Pietist movements, to Arminian-Wesleyan evangelicalism, and to the Holiness movement in the United States.

The Church of God believes in a cluster of biblical teachings that form a vision of the church. Specifically:

1. God’s church is the community of redeemed persons.
2. God’s church is a community of divine-human partnership with Christ as Head.
3. God’s church is a holy community.
4. God’s church is intended to be a unified community.

The Church of God believes that God calls his people to mission. All Christians are mandated to bear witness to God’s saving activity in Jesus Christ and to "make disciples of all nations.
The Church of God believes in the principle of openness to all affirmations of the Christian faith that are expressions of the biblical revelation. The intended unity among Christians is not based on the achievement of full agreement on all theological questions. Rather, it is based on a common membership in the church through the grace of God and is anchored by a common commitment to the centrality of Christ and the authority of the Word of God.

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